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RSSExhibition for WebOS

24th april 2011

Today we have released our first public WebOS application to Palm/HPs app catalog. It is called RSSExhibition.

RSSExhibition is a RSS reader for the Exhibition mode of the current WebOS phones. It shows you the latest news (or whatever RSS feed you choose) when you put your phone on its Touchstone.

As a highlight you have 8 different high quality background themes to choose from.


Miner 1889 for MIDP

20st april 2011

Tauschke Software has developed a strategy game called Miner 1889 back in 2006. This classics is still available for several mobile phones.

"I had a game like this a few years ago on my Atari computer. I always wanted it back. So I've started the development.", says Daniel Tauschke. The result is pure strategy fun. Let's go cowboy - try it out...

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"When I saw the first mobile phone with an open development platform, I immediately knew that this is the PC of the future."

Daniel Tauschke

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