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Miner 1889

Miner 1889 for MIDP

Tauschke Software has developed a strategy game called Miner 1889. It is available for several mobile phones and was developed within 4 months. "I had a game like this a few years ago on my Atari computer. I always wanted it back. So I've started the development.", says Daniel Tauschke. The result is pure strategy fun. Let's go cowboy - try it out...

The Game

The goldrush of 1889. Go and build your own goldmine. To be successful you have to get workers for your mine and to get these new workers you have to build a nice little town. Miner 1889 is a strategy game with nice graphics and with 3 different skill levels.


  1. Seven different buildings to create your town
  2. Attack Indians to get more land and mines
  3. Easy user interface. You can use the joybutton of your phone for every function
  4. Satisfy the needs of your workers and build the town "worker friendly" (e.g. build Saloons near to their Cottages)
  5. Check statistics like utilisation, mined gold, etc...
  6. Nice 3D like graphics
  7. Three different skill levels
  8. Save and load anytime
  9. Best results are saved in the highscore list.
  10. Play 5, 10 or 30 "years" - depending on the time you have to play



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