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Tauschke uiCreator

Tauschke uiCreator is is a WYSIWYG GUI editor to create user interfaces for mobile applications based on Midlets. Tauschke uiCreator is not limited to one programming language - you can use every language which can create Midlet forms (like Java, MidletPascal or MobileBasic).

Tauschke uiCreator has a build in scripting engine to customize the output to your needs. Tauschke uiCreate is not a complete IDE you still need an IDE for your development! Tauschke uiCreator is a stand alone UI builder with its own project management. If you try it out, you will see that you can create forms (the skeleton of your application) in seconds. You will also see that its easy to change them every time during the development process.

There are two versions of Tauschke uiCreator available: The Professional Licence for commercial use and the Personal Licence for non commercial use. Tauschke uiCreator Personal Licence is available for free from our download section. You can buy the Professional Licence from our online shop. Both versions have the same functionality - the only difference is the licence.



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